Improving Movies At My HouseImproving Movies At My House

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Improving Movies At My House

After my wife and I had kids, we decided that it would be fun to have a family movie night each and every week. We really tried to make it special by carefully selecting films, making great treats, and creating a comfortable spot for each of our kids. Unfortunately, our television was a little lackluster, which gave me the idea to improve our audio visual equipment. We started looking around for a new projector, and before I knew it, we had upgraded all of our equipment. After we changed our equipment, it was incredible to see how much a difference it made. Read here to learn how you can improve your own entertainment experience.

Which Sound Engineer Do You Need For Certain Specific Roles?

Different types of audiovisual engineers play different roles in music production. For instance, sound engineers navigate the technical aspects of audio equipment and mix music records. Therefore, sound engineers play different roles in audio engineering. Read on to understand the audiovisual engineer you need in different situations.

Master Engineers

Master sound engineers focus on the end of your sound record process. A sound engineer resolves imperfections in production and mixing before you distribute your records. Specific roles in the record's final part are to balance volume, EQ, and the compression needed to finish your sound.

If the final check of your record's sound quality is paramount for you, consult an A/V company service to outsource a sound engineer.

FOH Sound Engineers

When the term audio engineers come to your mind, you probably think of the front-of-the-house (FOH) sound engineers. FOH sound engineers are common behind mix desks and manipulate the sound your audience hears. Areas that call for the services of a FOH sound engineer are parties, live concerts, live TV shows, sports events, and corporate meetings.

Foldback Sound Engineers

Also known as monitor engineers, the main roles here are to adjust a band's instruments and mix the sounds as performers present before a live audience. Foldback engineers use a stage monitoring system to communicate with your performers as the production unfolds. Each performer communicates with the sound engineer independently, so the messages are passed on seamlessly.

Studio Sound Engineers

As the name suggests, studio engineers work in the studio to create high-quality records of speech, music, and sound effects. For example, if you have a commercial, an audio engineer creates a balance between all audio parts that your audience will hear. Likewise, you need studio sound engineers for the final product of a film, advertisement, or TV show.

Contact your local A/V company services provider to provide you with a studio sound engineer.

Multimedia Sound Engineers

Sometimes, you need to incorporate different forms of sound and sound effects into an overall audio mix. The forms of sound range from dialogue to music to sound effects and diegetic sound design.

You need an A/V company's multimedia sound engineers in fields where different sound forms merge to form a cohesive audio landscape. For instance, if you want to work on movies, video games, TV, and live theater.


There is no room for low-quality output in the media and entertainment industry, so hire a skilled AV engineer. Also, many sound engineers are familiar with more than one field, so you won't always have to hire more than one engineer for different roles.

Consult an A/V company if you have any role that needs audio engineers and isn't sure which one you need.